The HiTek Redneck Radio Show is a one-hour, commercial free broadcast featuring all original songs by Arkansas artists, all packaged up and presented in a format that harkens back to the days of "personality radio", where the disk jockey played the songs and gave valuable insight into the artist, chatting along over the heads and tails of the featured songs. Then throw in some classic old recordings, comedy bits, old radio jingles, live tapes, interviews with artists, and incredible studio jam sessions and you never know what's going to play on each week's broadcast. As a bonus, every Sunday night Bob Ketchum monitors the AIR chat room LIVE during the show to answer questions, take requests, or fill in intimate details of the songs being played. It's a non-stop laugh riot and many nights the artists themselves are also in the chat room to talk about their music or add to the mix.

There are basic differences between radio broadcasts and Internet streams. The most obvious is that in a radio broadcast, the program is (usually) live on the air. It is instant gratification and is broadcast over a wide area, depending on the station's power wattage and coverage area. Listeners may be asked to call in with song requests, but that's about it. On the other hand, Internet Streaming has several distinct advantages. One is the AIR chat room. During each live broadcast on Sunday night, I personally monitor the show from my own computer and maintain a presence in the AIR chat room for the entire hour, giving information about songs, players, sessions, and other details about the artist being featured. In this fashion, each and every listener who is also in the chat room may "talk" to the DJ personally and get the inside scoop about any particular song or artist. Real camaraderie is building among the regular fans of the show who log on every Sunday night. They often make requests which I try to fulfill the following week. An interesting bonus for me is that I get valuable feedback from listeners about artists and songs which may help me in future promotions. But the best thing about it all is that the Arkansas talent is at last getting some real exposure."

Hosted by Bob Ketchum

~Bob Ketchum
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We will continue to stream his show every Sunday night at 8PM and we will leave this page up as a memorial to his life as a musician, music producer/engineer, radio broadcast announcer and for the friendship Bob has given us all.
In memory of Bob Ketchum R.I.P. 1946 - 2015
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