Local Event Calendar
Each week our broadcast announcer Doug C. Williams provides our listeners with a comprehensive list of local bands and song writers performances throughout the State of Arkansas. Which we are proud to say is sponsored by Nightflying - The Entertainment Guide.

The auditable list announced on our broadcast consists of Arkansas' local bars, venues, night clubs, festivals, churches, fairs, public functions that we provide Free!

Arkansas Internet Radio started providing this voluntary service March 2009 and has continued till present day.
Doug C. Williams
Crystal Recording Studio
Arkansas DJ Service
Doug has been announcing the local event
calendar since this broadcast started. He
has worked in broadcasting for many years. We are honored to have him with us!
Bands and Song Writers
If you are interested in our broadcast announcing your upcoming shows, send us an email with the event details to: contact@arkansasinternetradio.com

Venue Owners and Promoters
We urge you to consider advertising with our broadcast, not only do we offer the most affordable avenue for getting the word out about your business or events. You will be a part of local broadcast history in the making. Arkansas Internet Radio is the only internet marketing broadcast of it's kind that promotes local bands and song writers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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